Golden Corral Catering Menu and Prices December, 2023

golden corral catering menu prices

Check out Golden Corral catering menu with prices

Golden Corral Catering Menu

Golden Corral catering prices are very reasonable and its menu is all about appetizing vegetables, starters, soups, side dishes, bread, drinks, pizza, salads and even options for breakfast. Thus, each client has an opportunity to make up a menu for his or her guests. Below we have already prepared a few menu combinations you might use for your upcoming event.

golden corral prices

Meet Golden Corral catering menu

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Endless Buffet Service

Endless buffet is an amazing offer for party or event organizers as the food is super tasty and meal courses are available for having breakfast, lunch or dinner catering.

golden corral prices

Golden Corral buffet service. See catering menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner below

Breakfast: choose something like hot sausages, bacon, fruit, pancakes, French toast, omelets or pastries.
Lunch: the menu offers fresh and juicy meatloaf, scrumptious fried chicken, tender mac with cheese, and many other appetizing options.
Dinner: you can order grilled steaks, chicken, pork, shrimps or seafood.

Take-away boxes

golden corral prices

Golden Corral catering menu includes take-away boxes!

This type of service was created especially for those who have no time to cook homemade meal. The food is prepared fast and packed in convenient boxes. By the way, the prices are very affordable.

Take-Out (1 lb.) $5.99

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Healthy options

golden corral catering prices

Looking for healthy food? There are dietary desserts on Golden Corral menu

The company has many dietary options for those who avoid fat, sugar or carbohydrates. They can offer fresh fruits or vegetables, seafood, diet meat or poultry. You may as well come up with your own healthy ideas and have them ordered. Golden Corral is also indispensable if you are in need of catering healthy and dietary desserts. They offer cobblers, puddings, pies, cookies and cakes which are sugar free and sweetly delicious.

Sweet Potato Casserole Pan $15.99
Mashed Potatoes & Poultry Gravy Pan $15.99
Cornbread Stuffing Pan $15.99
Green Bean Casserole Pan $15.99
Baked Beans Pan $15.99
Rice Pilaf Pan $12.99
Vegetable Fried Rice Pan $12.99
Brussels Sprouts Pan $12.99
Broccoli or Cauliflower Pan $12.99
White Rice Pan $9.99


golden corral prices menu

Golden Corral offers different beverages to your taste

Among the drinks you may choose between coffee, tea, soda, juice and many other beverages that are of reasonable cost and excellent quality.

Fountain Drinks, Tea & Coffee $2.29
Fountain Drink (32oz.) $2.79
Water Bottle $1.79

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Large parties

golden corral prices

Organize big party with Golden Corral catering! Check out menu prices

Their service is professional enough to handle a huge banquet or a big party. Many years of catering experience and delicious menu will make any party unforgettable for a long time.

Lunch & Dinner Catering Packages
Out to Lunch $8.25
A Day in the Park $13.00
GC Picnic $9.25
GC Pit Barbecue $8.25
BBQ Ribs $12.00
Today’s Special $11.00
That Was Awesome $11.00
A Fine Dine $14.00
Holiday Catering Packages
Holiday Essentials $9.00
Gobble Till You Wobble $13.00
Holiday Feast $16.00
Wedding Catering Packages
Light & Easy $9.00
Simple & Elegant $10.50
Wedding Complete $11.50
Wedding Complete Plus $13.00

A La Carte

golden corral Catering prices

A la carte with affordable prices offering by Golden Corral

Golden Corral is also offering A La Carte option for those clients who would like to customize the menu for their parties. The prices differ locally so in order to find the cheapest place – make a few phone calls to local restaurants.

Friday-Sunday, 8am-11am (Includes Coffee)
Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $8.49
Adult Per Person $9.49
Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) – Limit Two Per Person $0.00
Monday-Friday, 10:45am-4pm
Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $8.49
Adult Per Person $9.49
Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) – Limit Two Per Person $0.00
Monday-Thursday, 4pm-9:30pm
Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $12.49
Adult Per Person $12.99
Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) – Limit Two Per Person $0.00

How to order Golden Corral Catering

You can surely rest assured that you can order dishes online from Golden Corral because it has a great option for its customers such as catering. By ordering from the official website of your favorite meals, you’ll have your food delivered but in special disposable containers. Keep in mind, that Golden Corral orders contain already plates, food, and serving utensils. However, there is another way to order catering online, and that is you need to call (800) 488-1803, where they will take your order and bring it to you shortly.

For details and to order online, please click here.

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