Golden Corral Menu Prices and Hours

Golden Corral prices and hours

golden corral menu prices for buffet and hours of operation

Golden Corral prices and hours

Golden Corral menu includes an incredible selection of buffet foods. When you are selecting from the enormous spread of tasty dishes to stop on, keep in mind that the prices would fit any budget.

As an example, steak & shrimp night, are sold at the price under $12. Other nights, it’s sold at the higher price, closer to $10. An adult person can purchase breakfast and lunch at the price of $7, kids would have a breakfast for just $3.

Best selection of Golden Corral’s buffet:

  • Cold Buffet: Salads and Dressings
  • Hot Buffet
  • Bakery and Desserts
  • Drinks

The prices of food are relatively affordable and this is the main feature of Golden Corral. On certain nights amazing variety of seafood from the buffet is offered for the customers.

Golden Corral breakfast prices

Golden Corral will noticeably make you glad as you have the huge selection of choices you are interested in for reasonable and affordable prices. You are able to get your satisfying breakfast for only $8.69 from Monday to Sunday till 11 am.

As well Golden Corral catering breakfast packages are available for you for only $7-9, depending on what type of breakfast you would like to order.

Breakfast Catering Packages
Light Continental $7.50
Worth Getting Up For $8.50
Country Breakfast $9.75
Breakfast (Saturday & Sunday Until 11AM) $8.69

Golden Corral dinner prices

Golden Corral dinner prices are divided into two branches focusing on the age-old audience. In this way usual Golden Corral diner price starts from $11.99 to $13.99 (the prices of golden corral dinners vary as well because of days during week you come).

But in case if your age is 60+ you can get your golden corral dinner just for $11.49.

Dinner (Monday – Thursday 4PM – Close) $11.99
Dinner (Friday – Saturday 4 PM – Close Sunday 11 AM – Close) $13.99

Golden Corral lunch prices

Lunch prices in Golden Corral are performed to be only $8.69 which probably will make you smile as it is so affordable prices to have a full snack in period of 11 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday. Such a tempting offer can’t leave anyone indifferent!

Lunch & Dinner Catering Packages
Out to Lunch $8.25
A Day in the Park $13.00
GC Picnic $9.25
GC Pit Barbecue $8.25
BBQ Ribs $12.00
Today’s Special $11.00
That Was Awesome $11.00
A Fine Dine $14.00
Lunch (Monday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM) $8.69

Golden Corral buffet prices

Buffet in Golden Corral is represented by normal Buffet including breakfast, dinner and lunch, Kid’s buffer and Senior’s buffet which is best for every of you to enjoy tasty and delicious food.

Buffet performs:

  • Breakfast – is available on Saturday and Sunday until 11 am and will take you only $8.69
  • Lunch – from Monday to Saturday (11 am – 4 pm) with its price in $8.69
  • Dinner – from Monday to Thursday with $11.99 and from Friday to Saturday with $13.9

Plus to all Buffet represents catering service:

  • Breakfast packages (you can choose Light Continental for only $7.50, Country Breakfast for $9.75 and Worth Getting Up For – $8.50)
  • Lunch and Dinner Packages (you are able to get Out to Lunch, GC Picnic, BBQ Ribs, That Was Awesome, A day in the Park, GC Pit Barbecue, Today’s Special and A Fine Dine)
  • Holiday Packages (Holiday Essentials, Holiday Feast and Gobble Till You Wobble)
  • Wedding Packages (Light and Easy, Wedding Complete, Simple and Elegant, and Wedding Complete Plus)
Senior’s Buffet (60 & Over)
Breakfast (Saturday & Sunday Until 11AM) $8.19
Lunch (Monday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM) $8.19
Dinner (Monday – Sunday 4PM – Close) $11.49
Senior Early Bird Special (Monday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM) $7.59

Golden Corral kids prices

Golden Corral is a place with amazing family atmosphere. People of any age are treated very well there. The selection of food is extremely diverse and will please anybody, even those who are highly demanding in terms of food selection. Golden Coral is also a great place for families with kids. Everyone knows it is not always easy to please a child with food. But here the local dessert buffet will definitely make your child feel happy. Pies and cakes, as well as brownies and tasty ice creams, are just a few items of the buffet menu the Golden Corral offers.

It is very important to care not only about your own tastes, but at the same time to care about what actually kids want to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s why Golden Corral buffet represents you its Kids Buffet which is divided into three parts:

  • Under 3 (we are glad to inform you that this service is for free)
  • Ages 4-8 (for this category of kids you are able to buy food for just $5.99)
  • Ages 9-12 (you can meals for your children with age 9-12 just for $6.99)
Kids Buffet
Under 3 Free
Ages 4-8 $5.99
Ages 9-12 $6.99

Golden Corral hours of operation

Restaurants of Golden Corral welcome their visitors 7 days a week. Though depending on the location of the restaurant menu and open hours vary. For example in some locations no breakfast is served.

Here are Golden Corral Open Hours:

Lunch/Dinner Open Hours from 11 am to 10 pm
Saturday Breakfast Hours from 7:30 am to 11:00 am
Sunday Breakfast Hours 7:30 am to 11:00 am

Thanksgiving & Christmas Hours

For Thanksgiving and Christmas period the open hours differ depending on location. To see additional information, you should visit our location pages.

Allergy information – Golden Corral

Here is basic information on the allergens and derivatives in the products. People may have a different type of allergies. Taking into account the type of allergy one should know which food to select to avoid trouble.

If you need more information about the ingredients of the menu items, please feel free to check with the staff. Most of the products are handcrafted every day in each restaurant. The food items are supplied from local and national providers.

About Golden Corral

Golden Corral is American style restaurant chain, a legendary brand, offering its customers delicious menus. The endless buffet is always available – for the breakfast, for lunch and dinners. At Golden Corral, they always strive to provide only the highest quality of food to the customers.

The company has more then 500 locations in the USA. 100 of these number of locations are owned by the company, the rest are franchised stores.

Golden Coral invites its customers to participate in the satisfaction survey, allowing to win $1000 prizes every day. In order to participate a customer would need to provide 14 digits code printed on the receipt. Keep in mind, the receipt is valid only for 14 days from the moment it was issued.

If you are planning a visit to one of the restaurant locations and not sure of the exact address, check for the nearest one on the map. You can enter the name of the city or search by a ZIP code. All the Golden Corral restaurants in the nearest to your areas will be shown in the feed.

Should you be willing to try one of the specials of the restaurant – feel free to call them directly and find out what is offered today on menu. They also keep updated the website.

Golden Corral offers a number of exclusive options for the customers. If you are a regular customer of the chain – sign up for the news and updates and be informed on all the news. This is also great opportunity to save – you can participate in various discount programs and special offers. Your Email address will be used for further communication and you will receive the discount coupon codes, which you can use to buy items at a lower price.