In N Out Catering Prices December, 2023

In N Out Catering Prices

Welcome! Here you can find out In N Out catering prices

In N Out brings the catering service to your location using cookout trailers. You just have to call them and their team will arrive on time fully equipped and ready to serve for your party right from the trailer. This catering prices are reasonable and the menu is perfect for corporate events, outside picnics, casual weddings and other important events. Catering cookout trailers are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and are operated by In N Out Burger Associates.

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In N Out Cookout Prices

The minimum prices of one cookout unit are $1500 or 75% of the total order cost. This includes 1.5 hour of serving as well, but if you need to keep the trailer and the servers longer – this costs $100 per half an hour. Cookout trailer cannot prepare shakes and French fries.

In N Out Catering Prices

Check out In N Out Catering Prices Below

The prices of the service are defined by the quantity of food, tax, mileage. The payment can only be completed by Visa, Master Card, American Express or check.

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In N Out Catering Cookout Trailer | Prices
Minimum charge to bring a unit out is $1500 or 75% of your estimated order based on the prices below (whichever is higher). This entitles you to 1.5 hours of serving time and additional overtime charge of $100 per half hour is added if you want to keep the trailer for more then 1.5 hrs.
Double-Double burger Prices: $6.30+tax
Cheeseburger Prices: $4.80+tax
Hamburger Prices: $4.35+tax
Grilled Cheese Prices: $4.20+tax
20 oz. Fountain Drinks Prices: $1.99+tax
Chips Prices: $.99+tax
French fries and shakes cannot be prepared on the cookout trailer.

Additional Information About In N Out Catering

Before ordering a cookout trailer consider that it is 65 ft. long and 15 ft. overhead and 12 ft. wide. The clients’ location must be of 28 feet of clear space, otherwise it will be impossible to have it parked.

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In N Out Catering

Delicious In N Out Catering

The company provides with trailer, food, personnel, table service. The burgers are placed in a paper box and go with a napkin. All the rest should be in charge of the client like tables, chairs, trashcans, etc.

How to Order In N Out Catering?

In order to place an order the contract should be signed and $500 deposit should be paid and there must be given a proof of liability insurance. If you need more information, call 1-626-813-8295 or visit the company’s official website — just click here.

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Does in-n-out give free food?

In fact, absolutely all employees are eligible for free meals here. Exactly every shift they can choose to get something to eat. They have a huge choice to eat a full meal at work. However, they are not allowed to give free food to friends or relatives. Also, free food is not given to customers either.

Why does In N Out not have bacon?

Bacon is a peculiar product that requires care and proper storage. At In-N-Out, you will never find bacon in your meals. Since In-N-Out always tries to follow high-quality standards, this chain does not run the risk of operating with bacon. In fact, they make sure that the food is fresh and tasty enough to keep for a long time, so bacon is not on this chain’s list of products.

What is the best thing to order at In-N-Out?

The best dish you can find at In-N-Out is The Double-Double burger. Here you will find the best combination of juicy meat and a delicious bun. This incredible combination of ingredients and flavors is why this burger is so popular with customers. If you’re looking for a hearty meal at an affordable price, then this burger is definitely for you! Once you try it, you’ll be so satisfied, you’ll definitely want to come back here and try it again!

Are In-N-Out fries unhealthy?

In-N-Out fries are actually not as healthy as some other dishes. However, at any time you can ask for a less fried dish or vice versa if you like fries, a crispy dish is also available to you. If you want fully fried fries, you can also add cheese or meat to them. Overall, it’s up to you to decide for yourself how healthy and calorie-dense the dish will be.

What do you order at In-N-Out?

Here you can order absolutely any dish of your choice as the menu has a very large variety of burgers and other delicious food. You can choose In-N-Out Burger’s hamburger and enjoy an incredibly delicious meal with friends or family. Absolutely all of the burgers at this restaurant are made only from fresh produce and healthy ingredients, so burgers like In-N-Out Burger’s Double Meat and In-N-Out Burger’s grilled cheese are a must-try! However, if you want to eat a real grilled meaty burger, then In-N-Out Burger’s Double-Double is definitely for you!