Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches

If you seek for a cozy place with delicious food and unforgettable atmosphere you cannot miss the chance to visit the Jimmy’s serious sandwiches. This history of the restaurant begins in far 1984 when the owner already had two establishments: Out to Lunch (besides, “the Garden”, winner of the National Sandwich Contest was created right there) and Blue Plate Special.

There were no limits for developing, so the decision was made: create a new restaurant concept with high-quality food combining with the fast food.

The idea was brilliant because the menu of such restaurant can be various and include totally different types of dishes.

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Chicken Caesar Salad

marinated chicken breast with parmesan cheese, croutons & caesar dressing

Chili Rubbed Salmon Salad

roasted corn & black beans mixed with a vey mild jalapen dressing

Thai Salad

thai seasoned chicken breast with bok choy, cilantro & a no-fat thai lime dressing

Turkey & 3 Cheeses

with choice of house, ranch, 1000 island or low-fat italian dressing


All Sandwiches Can Be serious Sized By Adding $1.50 Serious Size Any Sandwich For An Extra

Club Mex

smoked turkey, bacon, & hot pepper cheese on a roll or pumpernickel with lettuce, tomato & house spread

Italian Chicken Breast & Provolone

on wheat with lettuce, tomato & house spread

Beef Tenderloin It Gets No Better

on a hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato & house spread

Turkey, Swiss & Guacamole

in a wrap with lettuce & tomato

Chicken Salad Or Tuna Salad

on toasted wheat bread with lettuce & tomato


All Sandwiches Can Be serious Sized By Adding $1.50

The Garden

the 1st place national award winner on pumpernickel, with 3 melted cheeses, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sprouts & our famous spinach salad spread

Its Greek To Me!

hummus, lettuce & our veggie yogurt sauce in a wrap

Chicken Salad Plate

all white meat in a tarragon dressing

Tuna Salad Plate

white albacore

Roasted Italian Chicken Breast Strips

marinated in italian seasonings

Hummus Plate

with roasted red peppers & sauteed onions

James (i Feel Good) Brownie                                                                                         $1.35
Lemon Square                                                                                         $1.35
Pecan Square                                                                                         $1.35
Big Toll House Cookie                                                                                         $1.35

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The menu was developed in a way to please everyone, it was fresh, healthy, creative and all that for smart prices. The restaurant was opened in a quite busy location, so catering could be ordered by 5 and up to 1000 persons. That is how Jimmy serious sandwiches work for customers for last 32 years.

This restaurant is special if you want some proofs you have to examine the menu page on the web-site or on the spot. There are actually two menus: one is ordinary and the second one is for catering.

The main menu includes the restaurant’s specialties like The Garden “National Award Winner” or Tuna Salad “My mom’s recipe” or My Hero (ham, turkey on bread with salad). All main dishes are of same prices, it ranges from 8$ up to 9$.

Talking about the catering menu, it has three options: boxed, display or own buffet. For more information about each option, you can visit the Costco catering menu prices. Seeing is believing, visit the Jimmy’s and be sure you won’t regret.

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