Mexican Food Catering

Mexican Food Catering Menu Prices

If there is a special occasion that needs to be catered in the Mexican traditions, you can always call the Mexican food catering service to discuss the details of the upcoming event.

Mexican Food Catering Menu

The idea to serve up the delicious cuisine at your next birthday party, family gathering or corporate event can create the fun atmosphere and leave your guests satisfied. The dishes delivered by Mexican food are made from farm fresh ingredients and natural proteins in accordance with the traditional recipes.

Mexican food catering is divided into several blocks depending on the specificity of the planned occasion:

  •        Lunch menu
  •        Dinner menu
  •        Gluten-free menu
  •        Happy hour menu
  •        Drinks

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Apart of the offered menus, you can always suggest your own selection of dishes be catered for your special event. The affordable prices and versatile meal options allow customizing your event for 5 or even 100 guests.

Mexican Food Catering prices

The prices offered by Mexican food catering are relatively low by comparison to other caterers. For instance, the price range for rolled tacos or fried empanadas may vary from $6 to $16, while for drinks you’d pay from $8 to $25. Thus, you are given a chance to choose the most suitable option within the frames of your budget.

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