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Purchase Area Aquaculture CORPORATION and Mid-America Aquaculture COOPERATIVE

Purchase Area Aquaculture Cooperative was formed in 1998 by a group of industrious farmers in Western Kentucky. This group of farmers decided that natural resources were abundant for construction of commercial catfish ponds to provide a safe and quality food supply. All commercial ponds are built with raised levees so that no run off waters can enter from surrounding areas that may be contaminated with chemicals or animal waste. All commercial ponds are filled with pristine clear well water and water quality is regularly monitored to assure healthy growing conditions.

Markets for pond raised catfish have steadily grown and new species have been added to growers commercial ponds. Changes always develop with growth. We are no longer just a cooperative of catfish growers with a processing plant. We are now a Corporation, which is the processing and marketing entity, and a Cooperative of growers who continue to cultivate quality aquaculture products to support the processing facility and its markets.

The PAAC facility is automated with a current capacity to process 20,000 pounds of live fish per shift to supply our valued customers with the freshest and finest quality products available in today's market place.

Visit our site often to read about our new projects and new products. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns by using the form on our contact page or by e-mailing us by using the e-mail link below.

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