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Week 4 round up; Curried Cauli & Eggs vs Chocolate Brownie; LCHF

Another delish recipe found, this week Curried Cauliflower & Eggs. Sounds gross right, but I’m so pleased we tried it because it will be a regular vegetarian meal for us now. Alison Holst, you rock! I’m sorry my food photography is still so shoddy, I mean we do eat with our eyes as much as our taste, so until I have more time (ha ha!) you’ll just have to BELIEVE me and try these recipes. They really are awesome family fair that doesn’t take long and is healthy. Let me know what you think.

So we are half way :-). In a nutshell, I found the first couple of weeks really quite easy. Then I went on holiday for a week and fell off the boat into a pile of white bread and sausage rolls. The week being back hasn’t been so easy at all. My new neighbour brought round chocolate brownie to share with us, and well, I couldn’t be rude and decline her offer – it was the first time I had met her! So I ate 2 gorgeous pieces. And then I forgot to give her back the left overs! Ever since those lovely slices have been calling my name from the pantry, sometimes a whisper, sometimes just plain shouting! Ah, it’s really really hard not to just eat them all at once to make them shut up. So I may have sneaked one or two extra pieces before taking them to work and giving them all away. Boo. Then there was the time I convinced myself I deserved a little treat after a difficult morning at work. Our local petrol station is quite well stocked but I couldn’t find a single thing in there that was low sugar. NOTHING! What is a girl to do? Turn right around and walk out, that’s what I did. Yay, determination of steel, she’s back on the boat!

Meanwhile The Man of the House is still going super strong and declined the brownie for a cup of tea. He also hasn’t eaten any fruit or processed foods, at all. I asked him if the brownies had been calling to him in the evenings too. He said he’d forgotten they were there! It seems the moral of the story is, do it once and do it right. So no more bananas (and brownies) for me, and here’s to silencing the scream from those two giant jaffas that I know are still in the top of the pantry!

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