Belvedere Banquet Hall Catering Menu June, 2024

If you are intended to celebrate the upcoming event, you must choose Belvedere Banquet Hall. Why? Well… first, it is situated in Elk Grove Village, which is a lovely suburb area. Second, Belvedere Banquet Hall is suitable for celebrating all types of occasions starting from wedding and finishing with corporate parties. Its area captures around 15,000 sq. ft., so the sitting area may provide from 10 to 1000 guests. The interior looks charming thanks to mosaic fireplace, luxurious fountain and hanging candles. The guests can enjoy wonderful piano music played either automatically or by a professional pianist.

Belvedere Banquet Hall catering menu

Here you can meet Belvedere Banquet Hall catering menu

Here is a catering menu presented further. As you can see, this establishment serves meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner. They also provide with snacks. Check out Belvedere Banquet Hall catering prices.

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Learn the Belvedere Banquet Hall catering menu below

Belvedere Banquet Hall breakfast menu


Breakfast Buffets Price per person

Granola Bar

The American

The Bakery









Small $45    Large $80

Small $45    Large $80

Small $40    Large $70


Buttermilk Pancakes

Potato Pancakes

Banana Foster Pancakes

Small $40    Large $70

Small $45    Large $80

Small $45    Large $80

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Lunch and Dinner

Belvedere Banquet Hall lunch and dinner menu

Lunch and Dinner

Sandwiches $11.95 per person

Thai Chicken

Tuscan Tuna

Corned Beef

Wraps Harvest Chicken Salad


Turkey & Cranberry

Salads Belvedere




Chicken Marsala Small $47    Large $89
Prosciutto Chicken Small $50    Large $95
Italian Beef & Peppers Small $70    Large $135
Meatballs in marinara Small $60    Large $115
Italian Sausage & Peppers Small $65    Large $125
Salmon Teriyaki Small $65    Large $125
Eggplant Permesan Small $40    Large $75

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Belvedere Banquet Hall snacks menu

A good benefit of ordering a meal from this company is that it does not force you to celebrate your occasion in Belvedere Banquet Hall. You have a chance just to order catering menu which will be timely delivered to any location you need. The placement of the order should be made at least two days before the upcoming event. In case the party is cancelled or you change your mind about getting their service – make sure you informed the company in time, which is not less than 18 hours before the arranged date.


Price per person
Grilled Cheese






How to make an order?

Don’t forget to visit Belvedere Banquet Hall place and try its menu! You’ll like it!

How to make an order or reservation at Belvedere Banquet Hall? Use the phone call, email, fax, or just fill in the form on the official website. Follow the link for further information сlick here.

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