Cranks Catering Menu With Prices

Cranks Catering Menu Prices

Cranks catering is one of the largest catering companies that specializes in delivering delicious food directly to you. No matter, whether you are planning a small get together or a massive celebration, Cranks is ready to deliver the order whenever and wherever you need it.

Thus, they take all the responsibility for the details relating to the dishes served at the event.

Cranks catering staff is always on time and ready to meet your expectations, as their reputation is based on the excellent quality.

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Cranks catering menu

Cranks catering offers a wide range of “at your place” menus crafted for each specific event. Thus, it’s up to you to choose the menu from the list:

  •        Buffet style
  •        Full-service buffet
  •        Elegance barbecues
  •        Shower & luncheon specials
  •        Breakfast/brunch
  •        Deli / box lunch
  •        Hors d’Oeuvres
  •        Stations
  •        Desserts / Beverages
  •        Pick up & go
  •        Thanksgiving dinner to go

Additionally, Cranks catering offers the extensive selection of menus for wedding celebration eligible for any style in which the ceremony is going to be arranged.

Cranks catering prices

Cranks is ready to serve the event for more than 100 guests and at the most reasonable price rates. Thus, you don’t have to worry that your budget will suffer from unsustainable costs. Check out Cranks catering menu prices in the chart below.

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  • First Course:
    Antipasto Platter & Vegetable Croquette w/ Crab Dip on each table
  • Second Course:
    Italian Wedding Soup, Baked Potato Chowder or Chicken Pastina Soup
  • Third Course:
    Mixed Green Salad, Caesar Salad or Mediterranean Salad & Homemade Dinner Rolls w/ Butter
  • Fourth Course:
    Farfalle Alfredo, Mostaccioli w/ Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce, Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Jumbo Shells w/ Marinara Sauce, Thin Spaghetti w/ Garlic Butter or Basil Pesto
  • Fifth Course:
    Choice of One Poultry Entree, Choice of One Beef or Pork Entree, Choice of One Potato and One Vegetable
  • Sixth Course – The Sweet Tooth:
    Michigan Cherry Cheesecake, White & Dark Chocolate Mousse Parfait, Layered Fresh Berry Neapolitan, Fresh Fruit w/ Orange Liquor Sauce or Assorted Mini Desserts
  • Seventh Course:
    Choice of either a Burger Bar or Coney Bar
  • Also Included with your Package:
    Chair Covers w/ choice of sash color, One Hour Cappuccino Espresso Bar after dinner, Champagne Toast for all of your guests, Six Hour Premium Bar, Cake Cutting & Wrapping

All prices is subject to an 18% service fee and a 6% sales tax.

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