El Pollo Loco Catering Menu Prices June, 2024

el pollo loco catering menu prices

El Pollo Loco catering menu. Meet the prices below

Food Price

3 Course Family Meals

Includes Cheese Enchiladas, Sides & Churros

8 pc Legs & Thighs $20
12 pc Legs & Thighs $27.99

5 Under 500 Calories

Double Chicken Avocado Salad Chopped double portion of chicken breast, avocado, gourmet greens, corn, pico, sour cream, cilantro. cal. 380* $6.79
Chicken Black Bean Bowl Chopped chicken breast, avocado, rice, cotija, pico, black beans, broccoli. cal. 480* $6.49
Chicken Mango Grilled Tostada Chopped chicken breast, avocado, mango salsa, black beans, lettuce, cotija, grilled whole wheat tortilla. cal. 470* $6.79
Whole Wheat Chicken Avocado Burrito Chopped chicken breast, avocado, black beans, cabbage, pico, lettuce, sour cream, poblano salsa, whole wheat tortilla. cal. 490* $6.59
Skinny Chicken Quesadilla Chopped chicken breast, jack cheese, pico, cabbage, onion, cotija, poblano salsa, cilantro, lettuce, grilled whole wheat tortilla. cal. 460* $6.59

*Dressings and modifications will alter calorie count.

Chicken Meals

el pollo loco catering menu prices

You will never forget a taste of El Pollo Loco meals on the catering menu

If you are looking for full meal, El Pollo Loco catering menu offers 3 different meal options; 48 piece meal, 24 piece meal, and 24 piece chicken and tortillas.

48 piece meal and 24 piece meal comes with 2 sides and fresh salsa. 24 piece meal and tortillas only comes with Salsa but you can always add a side which will cost a bit more.

El Pollo Loco Meals Menu Catering Prices
48 Piece Meal
-48 chicken pcs
-2 Jumbo Sides
-Warm Tortillas
-Fresh Salsa
-Serves 20-24
24 Piece Meal
-24 Chicken Pcs
-2 XL Sides
-Warm Tortillas
-Fresh Salsa
-Serves 10-12
24 Piece Chicken and Tortillas
-24 Chicken pcs
-Warm Tortillas
-Fresh Salsa
el pollo loco prices catering menu

Delicious El Pollo Loco catering menu and affordable prices

Mexican Platters

Party platters catering menu is perfect for any event; game night, lunch meeting at the office, or part of a larger meal with friends and family. El Pollo Loco menu prices are very reasonable. There are six different El Pollo Loco party platters; Mexican Platters; Burrito Platter, Mexican Salad, Chicken Taquitos, Chips and Salsa, and Tacos Al Carbon 6 Pack.

el pollo loco catering menu prices

A wide choice of El Pollo Loco Mexican platters offering by catering menu with profitable prices

El Pollo Loco Mexican Platters Menu Catering Prices
Burrito Platter
-4 Burritos cut in half
-Fresh Salsa
-Serves 6-8
Mexican Salad
-Serves 6-8
Mexican Salad with Chicken
-Serves 6-8
Chicken Taquitos
-12 Chicken Taquitos cut in half
-Serves 6-8
Tacos Al Carbon 6pack
-Fresh Salsa
-Serves 6-8
Chips & Salsa
-Fresh Salsa
-Serves 10-12
Combos Include Chips & Small Drink
Chicken Avocado – Combo $9,82
Chicken Avocado $7,77
Spicy Chipotle – Combo $10,20
Spicy Chipotle $8,02
Avocado Poblano – Combo $10,33
Avocado Poblano $8,15
El Tradicional – Combo $9,05
El Tradicional $7,77
Quesadillas & Bowls
Combos Include a Small Drink
Chicken Avocado Quesadilla – Combo $9,82
Chicken Avocado Quesadilla $7,77
Chicken, Bacon & Guacamole Quesadilla – Combo $9,82
Chicken, Bacon & Guacamole Quesadilla $7,77
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla – Combo $9,69
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla $7,77
Ultimate Double Chicken Bowl – Combo $10,33
Ultimate Double Chicken Bowl $9,05
el pollo loco prices menu catering

Mexican El Pollo Loco catering. The prices are above


El Pollo Loco Catering offers 10 different sides that you can pick and choose from. Each side is available in extra large or jumbo size. You can pick from the following 10 options; Spanish Rice, Pinto Beans, El Pollo Loco Salad, Broccoli, Corn, Black Beans, Cole Slaw, Corn Cobbettes (not available in Texas), Macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.

el pollo loco menu prices

Fresh salad menu by El Pollo Loco. Meet the prices on sides:

Extra large side serves 10-12 and jumbo size serves 20-24

El Pollo Loco Sides Menu Catering Prices
Spanish Rice XL…$12.99
Pinto Beans XL…$12.99
El Pollo Loco Salad XL…$12.99
Broccoli XL…$12.99
Corn XL…$12.99
el pollo loco catering menu prices

El Pollo Loco catering menu with prices: black and pinto beans

Sides menu prices

Black Beans XL…$12.99
Cole Slaw XL…$12.99
Corn Cobbettes XL…$12.99
Macaroni & Cheese XL…$12.99
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy XL…$12.99
Kids Combos
Chicken Nuggets $4.99
2 Legs $4.99
Mini Pollo Bowl $4.99
BRC Burrito $4.99
el pollo loco prices menu catering prices

El Pollo Loco catering menu offers tasty coleslaw


If you are looking to add extra sauce to your order, El Pollo Loco catering gives you that option as well. You can get Guacamole, House Salsa (Mild), Pico De Gallo (Medium), Avocado Salsa (Hot), Salsa Roja (HOT), Creamy Cilantro Dressing, Lemons, Onions, and Sour Cream. Check out prices below.

el pollo loco catering menu prices

Salsa catering menu! Check out El Pollo Loco prices below

The description and prices of El Pollo Loco extras menu

El Pollo Loco Extras Menu Catering Prices
Guacamole $6.99
House Salsa (MILD) $4.99
Pico De Gallo (Medium) $4.99
Avocado Salsa (HOT) $4.99
Salsa Roja (HOT) $4.99
Creamy Cilantro Dressing $4.99
Lemons $2.99
Onions $1.99
Sour Cream $4.99


Soft Drink Small $1,50
Soft Drink Medium $2,01
Soft Drink Large $2,78
Bottled Water $2,39
Milk $2,26

One of the most popular El Pollo Loco menu items is marinated chicken in a house made citrus and spice marinade. After that the chicken is grilled on fire. They also cook shrimp in Baja style, which is offered for the clients in bowls and in salads. There is an option of picking your preferred flavors for the meal.

Another menu option offered for the customers is who want light and healthy food. For example the Wheat Chicken Avocado Burrito has protein, goes with chicken and beans, added with mango salsa and fresh avocado.


From the history of El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco was founded by Juan Ochoa, in 1975, in Guasave, Mexico. The first restaurant in the US of this chain was open in 1980, in LA, California. In three years it was acquired by Denny’s. As of today the chain counts about 400 locations in the USA. The prices of the El Pollo Poco are considered as average, compared to other popular chains, like Chipolata Mexican Grill, Del Taco and Taco Bell. The chain locations were operating in Oregon, New Jersey, Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Illinois but were closed during 2011-2012 due to launch of the remodel program. Currently El Pollo Loco operates in Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nevada, California.

The popularity of El Pollo Loco keeps growing. It was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records on the 31st of July, 1995 for building the world’s largest burrito in Anaheim, California.

In 2010 the chain was recognized as the top franchise for Hispanics by the World Franchising Network.


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