Hooters Catering Menu Prices May, 2024

hooters catering menu prices

Welcome to Hooters! Here you can meet its catering menu with prices

Hooters Catering Menu

One of those catering agencies with rich historical base and ideal reputation. Hooters are ready to assist you during hosting any party, event or occasion. The cost of the menu differs from the location.

hooters menu prices

Delicious Hooters catering menu. Check out prices

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Hooters Catering Menu Prices

Below you will find the menu of the restaurant with the average cost. In case more information is required, just contact their consultant via phone or online.

hooters catering menu prices

Affordable starters catering menu prices

All starters serves 10 guests
Cheese Sticks $25.99
Onion Rings $19.98
Tater Tots $13.99
Lots-o-Tots $19.98
Cheese Quesadillas $29.99
Chicken or Steak Quesadillas $42.98
Curley Fries $13.99


Hooters catering is the home of the original wings. They have the Hooters classic chicken wings and they also offer Hooters boneless chicken wings. Hooters wings are perfect for Sunday NFL game nights, there is nothing like a cold beer and chicken wings!

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hooters catering menu prices

Beautiful Hooters wings that is on the catering menu. Here are the prices:

Chicken Wings | Prices
Nearly world famous. Often imitated, hardly ever duplicated.
100 Pieces $104.99
250 Pieces $250.99
500 Pieces $479.99
Boneless Wings
100 Pieces $104.99
250 Pieces $250.99
500 Pieces $484.99


Hooters catering is more than just a wing joint, they offers Mediterranean mahi salad, Blackened chicken Caesar Salad, Southwest ranch salad and many more. Salads can be marinated with honey mustard or top dressed with ranch, fat free raspberry Vinaigrette and others.

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hooters catering menu prices

Fresh salads catering menu

Salads | Prices
Hooters Salad
(Serves 10)
Bacon bits, Moneterey Jack, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, sliced eggs. They salad you’ve grown to know and love.(Has anyone ever told you, you’re weird?)
Garden Salad
(Serves 10)
Lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, red onions, green peppers, carrots and croutons – only the rabbit himself is missing.
Caesar Salad
(Serves 10)
When in Rome, you won’t get this salad, se eat it here. Fresh romine lettuce with shredded Parmesan cheese, home- style croutons and creamy Caesar dressing.
Add Chicken #18.98
Buffalo, Sauteed or Blackened
Salad Dressings: $3.99
Blue Cheese, Ranch, French, Balsamic Vinaigrette. Additional Print
* Prices do not include sales tax or a gratuity of 20%


Hooters catering stocks a variety of seafood. They offers steamed shrimp served with drawn butter, fish tacos, fish and chips, Snow Crab Legs, steamed clams , mahi sandwich, fish and chips and the oyster roast. Hooters seafood is sure to satisfy your seafood sweet spot.

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hooters catering prices

Steamed shrimp catering menu

Steamed Shrimp | Prices
Field tested in rural lowa – so you know they’re good!
5lbs $129.99
10lbs $245.99
hooters catering menu prices

Yummy Hooters buffalo shrimp!

Buffalo shrimp menu | Prices
They’re not very small buffalos. They’re very big shrimp!
Small (40 pieces) $44.99
Small (80 pieces) $84.99

Others Delicious Menu Options

With a wide range of bun-filled choices such as the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Philly Cheese Steak, Grilled Cheese Platter, Buffalo Shrimp Wrap , fresh Chicken sandwich, Steak Sandwich, ham and cheese and many more. Hooters also offers Catering packages, Chicken Strips, Desserts, and even Drinks.

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hooters catering menu prices

Hooters offers their own beer

Buffalo chicken strips catering menu | Prices
Fresh cut chicken breast, breaded and shaken in your favorite wing sauce.
30 Pieces $56.99
60 Pieces $112.99
90 Pieces $169.99
Available with your choice of sauce:Mild, Medium, Hot, TM1,911,Honey Thai, Original BBQ, Chipotle BBQ Medium,Chipotle BBQ Hot,XXX Habenero
hooters catering menu prices

Try this tasty hamburger

Mini sandwich platters catering menu | Prices
Chicken Breast, (available buffalo, sauteed or blackened) or italian Beef
Small (Serves 20) $125.99
Large (Serves 40) $239.99
hooters catering menu prices

Hooters slogan: every play, every day

Sides menu | Prices
Potato Salad, Cole Slaw or Baked Beans, Quart $5.99
Blue Cheese or Ranch – Pint $4.99
Celery -25 Pieces $3.99
Hot Sauce – Bottle $1.99


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