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starbucks catering coffee traveler price

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Starbucks Catering Coffee

This brand name is not a new word in the market of tasty food or drinks. The 1st Starbucks spot was presented in 1971, today it has 21 000 places in the whole planet. Their catering offers pretty restricted amount of alternatives but in the future, this will definitely be changed.

Starbucks Coffee Traveler Price

So far each client of Starbucks catering can get the delivery of coffee and pastry options which make each small party memorable and appetizing.


Starbucks drinks are just great for meetings, business lunches, dinners and whichever occasions when you need a steady flow of high quality coffee. Starbucks has an extremely diverse list of drinks, from the classic espresso and cappuccino to the captain crunch frappuccino and the variety of hot chocolate drinks. These days, the vanilla bean frappuccino and the double chocolate chip frappuccino are among the latest favorites. The coffee menu reflects its major concept with many different coffee options, each priced separately.

You will be pleased to find the latest version of traveler menu price list for Starbucks below:

Starbucks Coffee Traveler Price
Coffee Traveler
-Serves 12




Starbucks catering also offers different kind of pastries with reasonable price/ You can order it for your catering event. Starbucks catering has the following pastries: Butter Croissant, Classic Coffee Cake, Blueberry Muffin, Espresso Brownie, Whole Wheat Triple Berry Muffin, Whole Wheat Corn Muffin, Toffee almond bar, Glazed Donut, Choclate Glazed Donut, Apple Fritter Donut.

Here is Starbucks traveler price list of pastries:

Starbucks Traveler Pastries Price
Butter Croissant $1.90
Classic Coffee Cake $2.80
Blueberry Muffin $1.90
Espresso Brownie $1.90
Whole Wheat Triple Berry Muffin $1.90
Whole Wheat Corn Muffin $1.90
Toffee almond bar $1.90
Glazed Donut $1.75
Choclate Glazed Donut $1.75
Apple Fritter Donut $1.95

For more information visit their official website.