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Walmart Deli Menu Party Trays

Walmart catering menu. Meet deli platters trays prices

Walmart Catering Menu prices

Sliders Tray Small 12″ $14.00
Sliders Tray Medium 16″ $26.00
Sliders Tray Large 18″ $34.00
Sandwich Tray Medium 16″ $32.00
Sandwich Tray Large 18″ $42.00
Sub Sandwich 2ft. $18.00
Sub Sandwich 4ft. $28.00
Sub Sandwich 6ft. $32.00
Pinwheel Tray Small 12″ $14.00
Pinwheel Tray Medium 16″ $24.00

Walmart deli menu

Those who have a small budget and need to throw a party or organize a special event should take the advantage of Walmart Catering, as their Walmart party platters price list is absolutely affordable for everyone.


Create your own selection of rolls. Choose from plain or topped kaiser, ciabatta, sub rolls, dinner rolls, and bolillos.
18″ Platter (for 18-24)
12 Kaiser Rolls, 6 Ciabatta Rolls, 6 Bolillos Rolls


Top off your deli sandwiches with fresh sliced tomatoes, sliced black olives, lettuce, red onions, pickles, sliced jalapeños, and sliced peppers.
12″ Small (serves 15-20) $18.00
16″ Medium (serves 20-25) $26.00


Say it sweetly with a customized cookie for any occasion.
12″ Message Cookie $8.48

Walmart deli trays prices

Walmart deli menu includes the following options: finger food, cheese trays, sandwiches. Besides, there are other options such as made-to-order dishes which are even more flexible in matching any budget.

Slider Trays

Variety of meats and cheeses served up on fresh Hawaiian rolls.

Small (6-8), Medium (12-16), Large (15-20)

Platters size Price
12″ S $18
16″ M $32
18″ L $42

Walmart Sandwich Trays

Walmart deli tray of convenient, made-fresh sandwiches, Ham, Roast beef, and turkey are paired with cheeses and white and wheat bread. Garnished with cherry tomatoes.

Medium (16-20), Large (20-24)

Platters size Prices
16″ M $32
18″ L $42

Pinwheel Trays

The goodness of meats, cheeses, and vegetables, all rolled into one. Choose from Italian, turkey, or chicken bacon ranch.

Small (24 pinwheels), Medium (48 pinwheels)

Platters size Prices
S $18
M $24

Prima Della Meat & Cheese Trays

Walmart deli menu includes roast beef, turkey, and black forest ham with muenster, cheddar and swiss cheeses. Served with a center cup of olives and garnished with cherry tomatoes.

Small (8-12), Medium (15-20), Large (20-25)

Platters size Price
12″ S $18
16″ M $28
18″ L $38

Cheese Trays

Walmart deli menu includes sliced sharp cheddar, Colby Jack, Muenster, provolone, pepper jack, and Swiss cheeses from our Deli and a sharp cheddar cheese ball.

Medium (15-18), Large (20-25)

Platters size Price
16″ M $38
18″ L $48

Meat Trays

Includes Prime Della smoked turkey, roast beef, hard salami, Virginia ham, and Black Forest ham. Served with a center cup of olives and garnished with cherry tomatoes.

Medium (15-18), Large (20-25)

Size Price
12″ S $18
16″ M $24

Shrimp Cocktail Trays

Cooked and ready-to-serve chilled shrimp with savory cocktail sauce and lemon slices.

Small (16-20), Medium (26-30)

Size Price
12″ S $38
16″ M $48

Cheese Taster Trays

Bite-size cubes of Colby Jack, Swiss, sharp cheddar, pepper Jack, Muenster, and provolone cheeses. Includes a cheese ball and grapes.

Medium (15-18), Large (20-25)

Platters size Prices
16″ M $34
18″ L $48

Veggie Trays

Garden-fresh veggies and creamy ranch dressing. Select any six of the following: cherry tomatoes, broccoli, squish, carrots, cauliflower, celery, radishes, and green onions.

Medium (15-20), Large (20-25)

Platters size Prices
16″ M $34
18″ L $48

Flavored Wings Tray

Walmart menu offers spicy Buffalo chicken wings and boneless barbecue wings with ranch dressing for dipping. Garnished with carrots and celery sticks.

Small (12-16), Medium (20-24), Large (28-32)

Platters size Prices
12″ S $24
16″ M $32
18″ L $38

Chicken Trio Tray

Build your own tray, pick 12 or 3 chicken favorites. Options include crispy popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, and regular or boneless Buffalo wings. Served with ranch dressing.

Medium (15-20), Large (20-25)

Platters size Prices
16″ M $32
18″ L $38

Sub Sandwich

Build your sub with any combination of the following meats and cheeses: ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss and/or American cheese. Garnish with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion. Mustard and mayonnaise available upon request.

  • 2 foot sub over 2.5 lbs of meat and cheese (for 8-10)
  • 4 foot sub, over 5 lbs of meat and cheese (for 16-20)
  • 6 foot sub, over 7.5 lbs of meat and cheese (for 25-30)
Platters size Prices
2 foot sub $18
4 foot sub $28
6 foot sub $32

Walmart Dali Menu Popular Items

If you would like to explore Walmart Deli menu, you can start with the most popular items:

  1. Veggie Bacon Strips
  2. Red Skin Potato Salad
  3. Deli Direct Braunschweiger Sausage

In addition we would like to recommend:

  • Sub Sandwich – a customer has an option of selecting the ingredients himself and build the sub according to his preferences. You can choose from the meats: turkey, roast beef, chopped ham,  cotto salami, beef bologna. For garnish feel free to select: onion, tomato, lettuce. Ask for mustard or mayo.
  • Sub Ring – a fresh made sandwich, 12 oz, with smoked honey ham, or smoked turkey breast, leaf lettuce, tomato slices and Swiss cheese.

They are operating in 28 countries, have about 240 million customers and about 11 000 stores round the world. The brand was started by Sam Walton in Arkansas. Walmart is the largest company in the world by revenue. Currently about 2 million people are employed by this brand. The founder of the brand believes he can improve the lives of customers, he builds his business around serving the customers in a best possible way.

Walmart offers numerous catering services and has the reputation of the top catering company. The company has been on the market for years and gained popularity, serving family events, parties. etc. You can be assured that this is a reliable and affordable choice.

The Walmart Bakery is part of Walmart and can be found in all of their locations. They offer bread, custom cakes, breakfast pastries, loaf cakes and pound cakes are also available for the customers. To find out more about these and other menu items, see the Walmart locations on the map:

Walmart catering is a the best option for those who are looking to order catering on a budget.

Walmart Deli belongs to the huge Walmart brand, where you can buy gift cards, prepare shopping lists use online payment system. Take advantage of shopping the departments of Walmart and buy fresh bread at the same location.

The Walmart’s promise is “Our best values, all in one place”, which they keep proving every day.

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    I love to visit this place and I love more to have a catering from this place. Ordering a tray or a platter takes only 10 minutes, it is a good result for deli food.

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    Walmart has a lot to offer for a good price. I have ordered a cheese plate and some trays, the catering was good.

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    It was a great experience at Walmart, smoked buffalo was delicious as well as craft bread with fresh cheddar after grinder. The price was affordable, if you want to take more – find an available coupon. If you are going to visit Walmart, take something sweet (piece of cake, cupcake or some crackers). Their dessert menu is wonderful.

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    Walmart platter menu has the best quality and price you can find on the market. If you still haven’t tried their specialty, I recommend not to waste time and order a tray. I am keen on grilled food and BBQ menu, so in Walmart, I can easily find my comfort food. Next time I want to try a roast beef steak with corn or potato, I can’t help waiting.

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    I have also tried Walmart party trays menu and service. The price is quite Ok and deli food is up to the mark too. My passion is a vegetable salad, I like to have a great ingredient mix: broccoli, lettuce, onion, tomato, olive and what not. It turns to be calory free and good for nutrition, what makes it tastier is a spicy sauce. Walmart has a special recipe and I would like to get to know what makes it so delicious, still, I have nothing to do but order a portion for breakfast another day.

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    Walmart has a lot to offer. Just open their platter menu and you will see all the diversity of food they can offer. There you can find something for any kind of taste, starting with traditional American barbecue menu or delicious Italian pizza and up to Hawaiian meal. Walmart gives a chance not only to try different cuisines but to help in organizing your own holiday. Personally, I have tried Walmart menu and I must say it was a relief not to spend all day in the kitchen, I have ordered a dozen of deli trays on Thanksgiving and it was fast and tasty.

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