Taco Catering Menu Prices

taco catering menu prices

Here is Taco catering menu prices page

Taco catering menu

If you are considering to host a special event, Mexican cuisine can be one of the best solutions. Taco catering is worth your attention, as it serves simple dishes that tastes just delicious. Focusing on traditional recipes, the manages to deliver the tacos loved by many generations.

menu prices

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The Taco serves a wide range of tacos, from classical to unusual kinds. If you want a specific type of tacos to be served at your event, this can be easily arranged. Thus, you are given the opportunity to adjust the menu to the needs of your upcoming event. Working exclusively with certified food handlers, the menu includes only fresh and organic ingredients, such as corn tortilla, radishes, cilantro, limes, green salsa, pinto beans, Mexican red rice, guacamole salsa and many other.

includes meat, cheese, lettuce, salsa, chips too
Fish $4.19 – $5.79
Shrimp $4.19 – $5.79
Shredded Beef $4.19 – $5.79
Braised Chicken $3.99 – $5.59
Pork Mole $3.99 – $5.59
Ground Beef $3.99 – $5.59

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Taco catering prices

menu prices

Taco menu prices

At the same time, Taco catering will allow you to stay within your financial budget for food costs. The prices depend on a number of guests that will be in attendance. Generally, the order can be made for a small party of 25 guests and reach the large-scale celebration for 150 guests.  The information below will give you the idea of how much you can expect to pay for the Taco service:

Taco catering prices
Package Prices:
25 guests $380
35 guests $440
50 guests $500
65 guests $600
75 guests $680
100 guests $800
125 guests $950

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