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How Much is Chipotle Catering Prices cost menu

Check out Chipotle catering cost and its menu

How Much is Chipotle Catering Prices?

Recently, Chipotle company has received tremendous fame among all the catering services in the States. And there’s no wonder about this as the company really takes a great care of the dishes’ taste and quality. This chain always purchases organic components for the meals from the nearest farms that proves the healthiness and an excellent taste of any dish they make. Chipotle should be considered for any occasion, especially business meeting or a big family event.

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Profitable catering cost of Mexican food

Chipotle catering menu prices are the same as the other catering services that provide with Mexican food options. The menu has three options to be chosen: Chipotle spreads, burritos and chips. Learn the catering menu cost in specific details below.

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chipotle cost menu prices

Meet Chipotle catering menu prices — in particular, meat spread cost

1) Two Meat Spread – Choose Two Meats from (Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa). Sofritas available in select locations.

2) The Big Spread – Choose Three Meats from (Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa). Sofritas available in select locations.

3) Veggie Spread – Sofritaa and Fajita Veggies, or Extra Guac and Fajita Veggies.

chipotle cost menu prices

Profitable cost of veggie spread catering menu

Spread Menu Price
Two Meat Spread $12/person
The Big Spread (Three meats + Fajita Veggies) $13.50/person
Veggie Spread $12/person

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chipotle cost menu prices

Guacamole — perfect addition to the catering menu

Each spread cost includes:

  • White and Brown Cilantro-Lime Rice
  • Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa (Med)
  • Tomatilo-Red Chili Salsa (Hot)
  • Serving Spoons & Tongs
  • Guacamole
  • Lettuce
  • Crispy Taco Shells
  • Bowls, Napkins, & Forks
  • Black Beans & Pinto Beans
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa (Mild)
  • Tomatilo-Green Chili Salsa (Med/Hot)
  • Chaffing Stands, Steam Pans, and Fuel
  • Sour Cream
  • Cheese
  • Chips
  • Soft Flours Taco Tortilla

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chipotle cost menu prices

Tomatilo-Red Chili Salsa is included in Chipotle menu cost

Burritos by the Box Prices

Burritos by the box is perfect for those events that have limited amount of space. Meet the prices below.

chipotle cost menu prices

Yummy Mexican burrito with reasonable cost! Chipotle menu prices are very attractive

(Minimum 6 person order required)

Each Burrito cost includes:

  • Cilantro-Lime Rice (choose white or brown)
  • Cheese
  • Black Beans
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa (mild)
chipotle cost menu prices catering

Making of Chipotle burrito. Check out catering menu and its cost

BONUS: for every two burritos Chipotle includes a bag of chips, tomatillo-green chili salsa, guacamole, and sour cream!

Burritos by the Box Menu Prices
Burritos by the box $8.75/person

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Chips and Salsa Prices

If you just need a snack for your event then then don’t worry Chipotle catering is here to help with their wonderful Chips and Salsa with profitable cost.

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Own chips with affordable prices that comes in different serves. See Chipotle cost menu below

Chips and Salsa spread comes in two different sizes and has different cost (Minimum 10 person order required). Check out prices.

cost catering

Chips and salsa prices depend on the size. See below the cost of big and bigger sizes

-Big serves 10-15 people

-Bigger serves 15-20 people

Chips & Salsa Menu Prices
Chips and Salsa Spreads Big cost=$40
Bigger cost=$55

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More About Chipotle Catering and Menu Cost

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About Chipotle: catering cost, menu prices and profitable coupons

Read Chipotle service and menu cost review. If you plan on ordering Chipotle menu, it is the point that Chipotle DOES NOT offer delivery service. Someone will have to go and pick up the food from your local Chipotle restaurant on the day of the event. Chipotle also DOES NOT offer full service, they will not send their team members to set up spreads or serve food at your event. Chipotle catering orders should be placed at least 24 hours in advance. If you are looking to reduce your Chipotle Catering Cost it is always a good idea to check for Chipotle catering coupons prior to placing your order.

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